Machine learning and AI

"Robo-writers: the rise and risks of language-generating AI"

The hilarious, and terrifying, lack of commonsense in AI writing.

Clutching our crystals

It's all fun and games until someone believes in witchcraft.

My response in Nature – the director's cut

The SciTLDR saga continues.

Let's let the AIs summarize our research. What could possibly go wrong?

'Search engine’s tool for summarizing studies promises easier skim-reading.' To what end?

Democratizing AI - new paper

I have a new paper out this week, *Democratizing AI: Non-expert design of prediction tasks*. Let's discuss.

Will AI cause a large-scale industrial accident?

The tragedy that occurred in Beirut this month is a chilling reminder of how short-term thinking and organizational blind spots endanger all our lives. Here, sadly, it appears the mistakes were human.