"Robo-writers: the rise and risks of language-generating AI"

The hilarious, and terrifying, lack of commonsense in AI writing.

My response in Nature – the director's cut

The SciTLDR saga continues.

"The Nonsense of Style"

Academic writing should be scrupulous not stylish.

Save the gaiters from stress (positions)

Did the science of scientific writing create a _**masked maelstrom**_?

An unexpected hierarchy of visual emphasis

The return of Captain Beef It.

Beef It: My greatest LaTeX achievement

(This is a silly post. You have been warned.) (For those unfamiliar with LaTeX and LaTeX macros, see the appendix below for a brief introduction.) Sometimes, when writing, I really need to emphasize something.

The life-changing science of scientific writing

As a working scientist and scholar, I am, in many ways, a professional writer. I enjoy writing and hope to get better doing it. Heck, that’s one reason I started making these posts.

Writing Books with Jupyter

I’m a huge fan of the Jupyter project, and love to see all the progress being made with JupyterHub and especially JupyterLab. Recently learned of another Jupyter project, Jupyter Book:

A5 – Arguing for attention

A few years ago, I came up with a cute little mantra that I love thinking about. It's called A5.

Getting started (A blog? In 2020?)

I’ve decided to start blogging. I can already hear the deafening silence: A blog?!? In 2020? Blogging is dead and buried! Indeed. Blogs are long gone (having peaked in popularity over 10 years ago), and the world is currently on fire, so why bother now?