"Spooky action at a distance: The future magic of remote collaboration"


Interesting read over at Ars Technica, a team that’s been all-remote for decades:

Whatever passes for “normal” over the next few years will demand a lot from collaboration tools, as organizations re-examine how to achieve their missions and stay financially viable. The new world of collaboration will require organizations to replicate the unstructured interactions of the office and help employees feel like part of a coherent team even when they are distant, enabling social interactions and reinforcing the team agenda in the absence of up-close face time.

Based on years of remote collaboration work at various organizations and observations of things multiple organizations have done over the past six months to adjust, here are the things I see as keys to successful team operations in the lockdown and post-lockdown world.

I, like many of us, have been thinking long and hard about what the future may hold, for work and life. With COVID-19 upending society, whatever happens we are in for a wild ride.

Jim Bagrow
Jim Bagrow
Associate Professor of Mathematics & Statistics

My research interests include complex networks, computational social science, and data science.