"NERCCS 2022: Fifth Northeast Regional Conference on Complex Systems"

Interested folks, be sure to check out this year’s Northeast Regional Conference on Complex Systems:

NERCCS 2022: The Fifth Northeast Regional Conference on Complex Systems will follow the success of NERCCS 2018, NERCCS 2019, NERCCS 2020, and NERCCS 2021 to promote the emerging venue of interdisciplinary scholarly exchange for complex systems researchers in the Northeast U.S. region to share their research outcomes through presentations and post-conference online publications, network with their peers in the region, and promote inter-campus collaboration and the growth of the research community. NERCCS is particularly focus on facilitating the professional growth of early career faculty, postdocs, and students in the region who will likely play a leading role in the field of complex systems science and engineering in the coming years.

Submission deadline: January 31, 2022

Here’s the call for papers (1-page extended abstract or 15-page full paper). Right now, the plan is for a hybrid meeting with both in-person and online options.

I’m helping as the program chair along with Laurent Hébert-Dufresne. It should be fun!


Jim Bagrow
Jim Bagrow
Associate Professor of Mathematics & Statistics

My research interests include complex networks, computational social science, and data science.