"Pandemic Has Created a Generation of Schoolchildren More Interested in STEM Careers Than Ever, Poll Says"

Some good news may be coming out of the pandemic in the long-term. There may be a new generation of schoolchildren interested in pursuing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

From the article:

A spokesperson for Medicspot said: “It’s heartening to see how many youngsters have been inspired by the medical professionals and scientists who have been working on the frontline to treat people suffering from Covid-19 and behind the scenes on the treatments.”

The poll also found 68 percent of respondents think science is a cool subject—and 41 percent are now more interested in learning more about it.

Almost three-quarters are looking forward to going back to school, while 61 percent are going to try and work harder in their science lessons.

Of course, polls can only tell us so much. This poll surveyed 1000 UK schoolchildren age 11–17. Hopefully, the sentiment holds up, and we see a positive trajectory.

It’s now on us already in STEM to make sure there’s a thriving, inclusive environment ready when these new people arrive, both in the classroom and in the job market.


Jim Bagrow
Jim Bagrow
Associate Professor of Mathematics & Statistics

My research interests include complex networks, computational social science, and data science.