Work of science

Failing fast for fun and feedback

My favorite anecdote on building tight feedback loops and seeing the problem to see your problem.

"Data pathology"

Data scientists, not just janitors.

Every other hex bolt

(Minor spoilers for Iron Man.) There’s an exchange early in Iron Man (2008) that I think about a lot. Two characters must suddenly complete a long-running project and time is running out:

Tyrell Tests

I want to see a negative before I provide you with a positive.

The life-changing science of scientific writing

As a working scientist and scholar, I am, in many ways, a professional writer. I enjoy writing and hope to get better doing it. Heck, that’s one reason I started making these posts.

Getting started (A blog? In 2020?)

I’ve decided to start blogging. I can already hear the deafening silence: A blog?!? In 2020? Blogging is dead and buried! Indeed. Blogs are long gone (having peaked in popularity over 10 years ago), and the world is currently on fire, so why bother now?